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Aussie DOWN Tour Starts THIS FRIDAY!!!! COME AND MEET UP WITH US! - The Brotherhood of Eternal Sleep [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Aussie DOWN Tour Starts THIS FRIDAY!!!! COME AND MEET UP WITH US! [Oct. 8th, 2008|05:08 pm]
The Brotherhood of Eternal Sleep



http://www. yourbars. com. au/guide/rockafellas/ (this is purely for the fact its directly across from the venue and we would be able to see the band rock up for soundcheck and we can then walk across the road to say g'day if possible - ..THIS BAR ONLY FOR THE ARVO DRINK SESSION.....say from 3ish till soundcheck at 4ish..)

http://www. stepinn. com. au/ (this will be the venue JUST prior to the show say 6ish till when doors open AND after show meet-up for drinks......its a predominately a metal bar and is located next door to the venue)


as below Kimmys suggestion for the REGENT......i'll let her make the times appropriate etc -GO KIM!!!


http://ltcollinsst. bridieoreillys. com. au/Content/5063 (if no-one has any other suggestions then i recommened this pub, its the next street over and close to the venue, its always had half a decent vibe for an Irish themed pub whenever i've rolled into it over the years) :)

Ok The Sydney Pub is:

418 Anzac Parade, Kensington. (Doesn't have a website, and reviews are for the food only. Lame.

It is only half a k walk PAST the University/Roundhouse.

http://maps. google. com. au/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Regent+Hotel,+Anzac+Parade,+Kensington,+NSW&jsv=131f&sll=-25. 335448,135. 745076&sspn=41. 4653,78. 75&ie=UTF8&latlng=-33921010,151227100,16207462105515977934&ei=LUrsSPjSBIO8jgOelaidCg&sig2=JBJOr2aQ6Su8s3izOj7wZA&cd=1

All of us flying in from Brissy on Sat should get to SYD at around 230pm. All things going to plan, we should be checked in by 4pm and at the pub by 5pm.

Again, we won't be hard to miss. Down shirts or other brotherhood band shirts will of course be worn, plus don't forget to look for an Aussie flag.

DOWNunder 2 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!..